Pack of 5 Iggesund Harvester Bars .404″ – IF2811-82PX

£260.00 price excluding vat

Pack of 5 bars.

Length 82 cm, Gauge 2.0 mm.

We stock the most popular size Iggesund bars, other sizes are available on request.

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Pack of 5 Iggesund Harvester bars .404″ – IF2811-82PX

Length: 82cm, Gauge: 2.0 mm,  tail slot: 15,  Mount motor: wide, Mounting holes: 2,  Drive sprocket: 16, 17, 18

  • Open End.
  • Strong, tough and rigid bar for all conditions.
  • The nose sprockets specially hardened shims minimizes the risk for nose sprocket breakdown.
  • Increased dimension for lubrication holes for both oil and grease.

Blue line is Iggesunds strongest ever harvester bar with a unique metal alloy, that in combination with an improved tempering technique makes them stronger, more robust and more rigid to withstand all kinds of conditions.

Blue Line’s material properties also reduce bar vibrations, which improves efficiency, provides straighter cuts, reduces wear and tear and also ensures a longer life span.

Bar mount with Open End for faster and easier mounting in the saw unit.

We stock the most popular size Iggesund bars, other sizes are available on request.

Follow manufacturer’s guides for repairs and maintenance of equipment.

Recommended maintenance:

Turn and clean bar every four hours. Clean guide bar rails and check for damage, wear and correct depth. If worn or below minimum level, replace with new saw bar.On a weekly basis grind saw bar rail level to remove sharp and knife edges. The rails should be parallel with the side of the saw bar.
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