Carlton B8 chain (reel)


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A new harvester chain – designed, developed and optimized exclusively for Iggesund Forest

Manufactured with high quality German alloy steel – delivering industry leading strength. Micro radius semi chisel cutters increase cutting speed over regular semi chisel chains while still providing wear resistance and durability.

Increased cutter kerf width reduces binding in the cut. Increased and unrestricted cutter gullet allowing fast chip flow and removal. Multi-layered chrome plating – providing advanced cutting efficiency, durability and improved “stay sharp”.

Follow manufacturer’s guides for repairs and maintenance of equipment.

Recommended maintenance:

Never use a dull or blunt chain, replace it or sharpen it immediately as this greatly increases wear on the cutting equipment.
Maintain the manufacturer’s recommended depth of the raker thughout the life of the chain.
In cold and freezing conditions use lighter chain oil if possible as this will increase the flow rate and operate the saw periodically without cutting (air cuts) as this will increase the amount of lubrication supplied to the cutting system.
Do not operate a harvester with chain shot eliminator missing.
Fit new or sharpened chains every four hours.
When sharpening chains, ensure there are no broken, damaged or loose parts. If these are found, replace the saw chain.
Check chain for any damage/wear before fitting.


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